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The Hatchelor Pad's Journal
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Date:2006-04-09 19:27
Subject:The Map

Okay, so I'm way behind on posting stuff obviously. Just thought I'd do a quick update regarding the map from "Lockdown". I'm going to concentrate on a just a couple of issues concerning it.

Who drew it?

Desmond seems like the obvious choice, and, for once, there's info in the picture that indicates that the obvious choice is the correct one. It's clearly not written by someone who works for Dharma: its someone trying to understand where they are. The strongest indicator to it being Desmond is in the top right: "Estimated travel time incompatible with 108". It's written by someone operating the button by themselves. Operating "The Swan" is supposed to be a two person job and if a second person was in the hatch when the map was written there would be no need to get back to the hatch in that timeframe. One person could explore and one person could man the console.

Desmond took over from Kelvin, who could also have written the map. It's fair to assume that Kelvin was also operating the console by himself for an indeterminate length of time as he was alone when Desmond met him. I'm going to discount Kelvin for one very good reason: drama. It just wouldn't be interesting if we found out that the map was drawn years ago by a guy who died in the backstory.

Or could it be (Not)Henry Gale? A possibility. But, as someone associated with Dharma, it seems likely that Henry would know more, and wouldn't need to scribble his thoughts on a wall. Also, the person who drew the map was afraid of not entering The Numbers. Henry didn't enter the numbers when Locke asked him to. Yes, he could have entered the numbers and lied to get to Locke... but what would he have to gain by telling people not to enter the numbers? If the button is important and could, say, blow up The Hatch... he's IN The Hatch!

Anyway, I'm digressing.

In Desmond's final conversation with Jack, he said that he's be difficult to track. This could be the result of his map making explorations: he knows The Island inside and out, including other places to hide. So I think Desmond wrote the map.

Why on the blast door?

To answer this I'm going to assume that the only instance that brings the blast doors down is a lockdown. I'm also going to assume that the lockdown is caused by a food supply drop. This seems a fair assumption. Lockdown is definitely something that only happens occasionally as is the food drop. On the map it states "PRD every 6-8 months": the RD could stand for ration drop. So someone, presumably Desmond, wrote the map over the course of several lockdowns. The only reason that he would write it in such an inaccesible place is that he didn't want anyone else to see the map.

Why didn't Desmond want anyone to see the map? If he's alone in The Hatch why would anyone else see it?

Maybe The Hatch is being remotely monitored and the remote viewing doesn't work during lockdown.

But...the map was written to be only visible when a blacklight comes on. And the blacklight doesn't seem to stay on for very long. So is the blacklights coming on something that happens at the end of a lockdown and the mapwriter was writing blindly during a lockdown? Or can the blacklights be turned on at any point?

That, for the time being, it as far as this train of thought goes.

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Date:2006-01-18 17:38
Subject:The 23rd Psalm

Just a quick update. I don't have much to say about last weeks ep, but I thought it provide some linkage to this site: its got some decent grabs of the subliminal images that flashed up where the camera panned through ol' smokey. So was it reading Eko's thoughts? Seems like a possibility...

Over the next couple of weeks we have "The Hunting Party" (Jack-centric, dealing with his marital strife) followed by "Fire and Water" (Charlie centric, with him and his brother as kids).

More soon!

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Date:2005-12-15 23:47
Subject:Apologies to Jay and Jack

So, Hatchelorpad sits down to listen to Jay and Jack's podcast. This episode however they mention my review of their show from the other week. Jay seemed quite bitter. As per usual.

Thanks for the shout out guys, and many thanks in particular for making me sound like a pompous a-hole to a sizable international audience.

I'm in the middle of exams right now so updates are gonna be a bit sparse for the next few weeks. But rest assured after Christmas there will be updates aplenty.

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Date:2005-12-05 22:11
Subject:Episode 2x09 What Kate Did

Not a *huge* amount to say about the last episode without dipping my toes into the murky waters of crazy speculation. Couple of points though.

1) The clip of Dr Marvin Locke splices into the orientation video. Its been pointed out that there are several inconsistancies with the rest of the film. Differen hair, a different tie and the sign in the bacground points the other way. This either: a) means something b) or is down to poor continuity. I'm going for the latter. Some folks are saying that they could have just recorded the extra footage at the same time, but since scripts aren't locked down until just before an episode is shot, I'm betting they didn't know exactly what Doc Marv was going to say at the time.

2) A pretty metaphor horsey! Yes, there was much bibbling from the more estrogen filled corners of the room when HatchelorPad watched this weeks episode. But it begs the simple question: why the long face? Well, this could be classed as the second "random wandering animal encounter" after the Polar Bear. Okay not quite, the was Sawyers pig and the shark but they were indiginous. The horse was black and the bear was white, so that ties in nicely with that running theme but there's got to be more to it than that. I'm gonna start really reaching here... what if the island is making things from people's memory physical? The Polar Bear after Walt read the comic? Kate's horse? Shannon and Sayid seeing Walt? Jack's Dad? The animals have got to be there for a reason and I think its more than "they were lab rats". Why not use rats?

3) The Hanso Foundation website has been updated. Click on laughing boy Alvar for more torture.

4) http://content.collegehumor.com/items/2005/12/collegehumor.1637736.451xAUTO.jpg


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Date:2005-12-03 12:14
Subject:6 weeks?!?

No more lost until mid January. I'll talk a little more about episode 2x09 later this weekend, but in the meantime here's the confirmed episode list for after the break. The one I posted last week was based on info from the Incorrect Movie Database, the new info's from Lindelof himself.

2x10 "The 23rd Psalm" - January 2006
Eko-centric episode

For the record, the 23rd Psalm begins with "The Lord is my Shepherd I shall not want". Shepherd huh? Aside from that, we'll find out more about Eko's history. The teaser shows Eko breaking open Charlie's Mary statue and showing it to Claire. Again, showing there's some interesting differences in modus operandi between him and Locke: Locke knew Charlie had some heroin and stayed quiet. Aside from that, as its an episode just after sweeps, expect a lot of Michael standing around in the jungle shouting "WAAAALT!" rather than a lot of story development.

2x11 "The Hunting Party" - January 2006
Jack-centric episode

Jack's Dad is listed in the cast list: probably just in the flashback but... you never know. The only other thing is the title. Do Michael, Jack and a few others start searching for Walt?

2x12 Onwards

Lindeloff is keeping quiet on the rest of the episodes. Personally, I think Charlie's a strong contender for 2x12. He's had nothing to do this season and since Claire will, by this stage, know he's been cradling a bag of smack every night the fallout from that will need to be explored.

Sawyer's flashback is being held back for Spring sweeps so expect revelations of Hurley proportions around abput episode 15-16.

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Date:2005-11-29 10:32
Subject:Locke and Eko

Nice observation from genro on the AinitCool message boards regarding the crossword Locke was doing in episode 2x08. In case you missed it the clue for 42 down was Enkidu's friend and the answer was Gilgamesh. The legend of Gilgamesh is generally considered the oldest story on the planet and genro said the following about it...

"Enkidu came from the forest to civilization where he encountered Gilgamesh. They fought, became friends, then fought the Bull god, which killed Enkidu in the process. Gilgamesh then goes on a separate journey to bury Enkidu and confront the gods, before his own death. Enkidu is Gilgamesh's mirror image...like what an echo is to a person's voice..."

Might also start explaining a lot of the Black and White imagery featured throughout the show. Lindeloff has previously talked about splitting the survivors into two groups... so is it going to be Jack against Locke and Eko or Locke against Eko?

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Date:2005-11-28 22:12
Subject:Lost Podcasts

Thought I'd give my two cents on a few of the fan shows doing the rounds on ITunes at the mo. If you're a fan and have never listened to any... give it a shot.

The Transmission The big hitter. At the moment its the most popular fan podcast out there. Not sure why this is the case. Ryan and Jen seem affable enough but the biggest problem is the lack of interesting content. A sizable proportion of each episode is spent describing the events of each weeks show and the comments made by listeners range from the moderately interesting to the utterly banal. Couple of redeeming features send me scurrying back on a weekly basis though. Ryan and Jen live close to the shoot so a few interesting tidbits are reported about upcoming episodes. Also, its kind of fun listening to them both being bowled over by how popular their little show is: espicially when Jorge Garcia phoned in to them last week.

The Lost Podcast with Jay and Jack Only been listening to this one for a couple of weeks. Suffers from some of the same flaws as The Transmission but its helped a great deal by the presenters themselves. Jay and Jack bitch and crack wise for the duration: its entertaining stuff and probably the funniest show to listen to. Not exactly in depth stuff though.

TV Squad Lost Podcast Basically fan made commentary tracks for the episodes. Haven't really listened to this one yet.

LostCasts Easily the best one out there I've come across. No time is wasted going over old ground, the guys running this one cut to the chase and talk about all the theories and speculation going around the message boards after each episode. There's some absolutely fascinating stuff here. I'd go as far as saying that their 96 minute long "general theories" podcast was more interesting than any episode this year.

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Date:2005-11-28 13:39

Okay, first entry. I'm going to try and keep this journal running as a list of observations, links and spoilers on up the TV show Lost. To kick things off here's a list of up and coming episodes from http://www.lost-tv.com/:

Episode 09: What Kate Did
Castaway Flashback: Kate
Original US Airdate: 30th November 2005

Episode 10: Foundations
Castaway Flashback: The Island
Original US Airdate: January 2006

Episode 11: The Hunting Party
Castaway Flashback: Jack
Original US Airdate: January 2006

Episode 12: Fire and Water
Castaway Flashback: Charlie

Episode 13: The 23rd Psalm
Castaway Flashback: Mr. Eko

Couple of brief observations. First off, looks like we've got a drought in front of us for the next month or so. Second there's been a bit of dispute on the forums about episode 10: its not really known if there is going to be an "island" flashback at this time. It's not even clear what an "island" flashback would be. The one certain thing is that the network aren't releasing any hard and fast info at this stage and the last time that happened was before the "tailender" episode. So we can probably expect a different format of somekind.

My best guess at this stage: Desmond's flashback. The official ABC podcast has apparently mentioned he's coming back so it seems like a strong possibility.

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